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Vosita VS Zocdoc: Which one is the best healthcare app?

Vosita VS Zocdoc: Which one is the best healthcare app?

Let’s compare the two most useful healthcare apps Zocdoc and Vosita.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Zocdoc. It’s an online appointment scheduling system that is widely used across the healthcare industry today. The platform allows patients to discover nearby doctors, read their patient reviews, and schedule online appointments. In the midst of this pandemic, this service is clearly essential in terms of keeping both patients and doctors safe. There really is no other service that offers everything that Zocdoc has. Interestingly enough, Nexthealth and PatientPop claim to be a close competitor, but both of these companies are focused more on the provider side of the telehealth experience and don’t really focus on the patients’ side… And patients are every bit as important as doctors, right?

For a while now, I have been hearing a lot of negative feedback for Zocdoc’s services and I was surprised that Zocdoc has no other competitors… Again Nexthealth and PatientPop call themselves a competitor but they don’t exactly do what ZocDoc does. Recently I stumbled upon Vosita, and I decided to see how it stacks up against ZocDoc.

Similar to Zocdoc, Vosita is available as a website platform and app version that allows users to find, book, and review doctors online all through a click and tap of a button. Both patients and doctors will feel comfortable with the user-friendly interface and can choose between an in-office or telehealth visit. As a patient, you can search doctors by their name, specialty, location, or even search by insurance. Once the results show up, you can easily pick a nearby provider, knowing that Vosita only allows reviews from other verified patients. So there are no “fake reviews” and their reviews aren’t “cherry-picked” to only show the good ones.

Most of the negative feedback about Zocdoc is coming from the doctors as Zocdoc not only charges a whopping $300 monthly to every provider just to be listed on the platform but they also charge $35-$100 per new patient appointment. The best part about Vosita is their pricing model. Vosita does not charge anything to list a practice on their platform, that includes free use of the appointment scheduling and telemedicine feature, and did I mention the patient referrals are also free? So doctors don’t have to pay anything per appointment.

I was curious to see if Vosita has any pricing plans and I came across this flyer.

Vosita pricing model for Doctors:

Vosita pricing model

They have subscription plans for bonus features like Interface with Practice Management Software, One-Click Invite, Branded Virtual Waiting Room, and Featured Listing. But the subscription plans are way more affordable than any other platform. As their platinum package is just $79/month. Vosita will always be free for patients.

Compared to all the other players in the market, Vosita would be my first choice.


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